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18. Thought / D. Concepts / 4. Structure of Concepts / a. Conceptual structure

[whether concepts have structure or are atomic]

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Unlike objects, concepts are inherently incomplete [Frege, by George/Velleman]
You can't think 'brown dog' without thinking 'brown' and 'dog' [Fodor]
Concepts have distinctive reasons and norms [Peacocke]
Causal properties are seen as more central to category concepts [Gelman]
Concept-structure explains typicality, categories, development, reference and composition [Margolis/Laurence]
Concepts should contain working memory, not long-term, because they control behaviour [Machery]
One hybrid theory combines a core definition with a prototype for identification [Machery]
Heterogeneous concepts might have conflicting judgements, where hybrid theories will not [Machery]
Concepts as definitions was rejected, and concepts as prototypes, exemplars or theories proposed [Machery]