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5. Theory of Logic / L. Paradox / 3. Antinomies

[major clashes in our understanding in Kantian thought]

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Plato found antinomies in ideas, Kant in space and time, and Bradley in relations [Plato, by Ryle]
Plato's 'Parmenides' is perhaps the best collection of antinomies ever made [Russell on Plato]
The battle of the antinomies is usually won by the attacker, and lost by any defender [Kant]
The idea that contradiction is essential to rational understanding is a key modern idea [Hegel]
Tenderness for the world solves the antinomies; contradiction is in our reason, not in the essence of the world [Hegel]
Antinomies are not just in four objects, but in all objects, all representations, all objects and all ideas [Hegel]
The antinomy of endless advance and of completion is resolved in well-ordered transfinite numbers [Zermelo]
Antinomies contradict accepted ways of reasoning, and demand revisions [Quine]
Denying problems, or being romantically defeated by them, won't make them go away [Sorensen]