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9. Objects / C. Structure of Objects / 1. Structure of an Object

[general ideas about how objects must be structured]

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Structures don't explain dispositions, because they consist of dispositions [Martin,CB]
Structural properties involve dispositionality, so cannot be used to explain it [Martin,CB]
Categorical properties depend only on the structures they represent [Ellis]
All events and objects are dispositional, and hence all structural properties are dispositional [Fetzer]
We could not uphold a truthmaker for 'Fa' without structures [Lewis]
The 'magical' view of structural universals says they are atoms, even though they have parts [Lewis]
If 'methane' is an atomic structural universal, it has nothing to connect it to its carbon universals [Lewis]
The 'pictorial' view of structural universals says they are wholes made of universals as parts [Lewis]
The structural universal 'methane' needs the universal 'hydrogen' four times over [Lewis]
Butane and Isobutane have the same atoms, but different structures [Lewis]
Structural universals have a necessary connection to the universals forming its parts [Lewis]
We can't get rid of structural universals if there are no simple universals [Lewis]
Structural properties are derivate properties [Molnar]
There are no 'structural properties', as properties with parts [Molnar]
Pandispositionalists say structures are clusters of causal powers [Mumford/Anjum]