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10. Modality / E. Possible worlds / 2. Nature of Possible Worlds / b. Worlds as fictions

[possible worlds as complete consistent fictions]

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Possible worlds are world-stories, maximal descriptions of whole non-existent worlds [Adams,RM, by Molnar]
A possible world can be seen as a complete and consistent novel [Jeffrey]
Not every story corresponds to a possible world [Wiggins]
Linguistic possible worlds need a complete supply of unique names for each thing [Lewis]
Maximal consistency for a world seems a modal distinction, concerning what could be true together [Lewis]
Linguistic possible worlds have problems of inconsistencies, no indiscernibles, and vocabulary [Lewis]
Governing possible worlds theory is the fiction that if something is possible, it happens in a world [Yablo]
The truth of propositions at possible worlds are implied by the world, just as in books [Melia]