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7. Existence / C. Structure of Existence / 5. Supervenience / a. Nature of supervenience

[defining and elucidating supervenience]

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A thing 'expresses' another if they have a constant and fixed relationship [Leibniz]
Supervenient properties must have matching base properties [Kim]
Supervenience is linked to dependence [Kim]
Supervenience concerns whether things could differ, so it is a modal notion [Lewis]
Aesthetic properties of thing supervene on their physical properties [Crane]
Properties supervene if you can't have one without the other [Chalmers]
Supervenience is nowadays seen as between properties, rather than linguistic [Swoyer]
Interesting supervenience must characterise the base quite differently from what supervenes on it [Hale]
Supervenience is a modal connection [Sider]
Supervenience is a one-way relation of dependence or determination between properties [Rowlands]
Supervenience is just modal correlation [Schaffer,J]
Supervenience: No A-difference without a B-difference [Bennett,K]
Supervenience is non-symmetric - sometimes it's symmetric, and sometimes it's one-way [Bennett,K]
To avoid misunderstandings supervenience is often expressed negatively: no A-change without B-change [Orsi]