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27. Natural Reality / D. Activity of Matter / 3. Energy

[universal physical stuff involved in all actions]

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Helmholtz used 'energy' to mathematically link heat, light, electricity and magnetism [Helmholtz]
Energy has progressed from a mere formula, to a principle pervading all nature [Kelvin]
Energy is that which moves, and is the substance from which everything is made [Heisenberg]
Energy is an unchanging substance, having many forms, and causing all change [Heisenberg]
Energy is the key multi-valued property, vital to scientific realism [Ellis]
'Energy' is a quasi-substance invented as the bearer of change during interactions [Harré/Madden]
'Kinetic energy' is used to explain the effects of moving things when they are stopped [Harré/Madden]
Third Law: total order and minimum entropy only occurs at absolute zero [Close]
First Law: energy can change form, but is conserved overall [Close]