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19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 8. Synonymy

[whether two items can have identical meaning]

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Single words are strongly synonymous if their interchange preserves truth [Quine]
'Renate' and 'cordate' have identical extensions, but are not synonymous [Quine, by Miller,A]
If we give up synonymy, we have to give up significance, meaning and sense [Grice/Strawson]
There is only similarity in meaning, never sameness in meaning [Harman]
Sentences might have the same sense when logically equivalent - or never have the same sense [Kaplan]
Mental states may have the same content but different extensions [Fodor]
Externalist synonymy is there being a correct link to the same external phenomena [Rey]
Could expressions have meaning, without two expressions possibly meaning the same? [Boghossian]