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25. Society / E. State Functions / 5. War

[government's right to wage war on other states]

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There is no greater good for a warrior than to fight in just war [Anon (Bhag)]
Seeking peace through war is like looking for fish up a tree [Mencius (Mengzi)]
Augustine contributed to just war theory [Augustine, by Matthews]
For Aquinas a war must be in a just cause, have proper authority, and aim at good [Aquinas, by Grayling]
A desire to conquer, and men who do it, are always praised, or not blamed [Machiavelli]
Only Utopians fail to see glory in warfare [More,T]
People at home care far more than soldiers risking death about the outcome of wars [Montaigne]
The only right victors have over captives is the protection of the former [Montesquieu]
A state of war remains after a conquest, if the losers don't accept the winners [Rousseau]
War gives no right to inflict more destruction than is necessary for victory [Rousseau]
Hiring soldiers is to use them as instruments, ignoring their personal rights [Kant]
Some trust in the enemy is needed during wartime, or peace would be impossible [Kant]
The people (who have to fight) and not the head of state should declare a war [Kant]
Modern wars arise from the study of history [Nietzsche]
People will enthusiastically pursue an unwanted war, once sacrifices have been made [Nietzsche]
To renounce war is to renounce the grand life [Nietzsche]
The State requires self-preservation, but the war-machine desires destruction [Deleuze]
War must also have a good chance of success, and be waged with moderation [Grayling]
Real peace is the implausibility of war (and not just its absence) [Harari]
During wars: proportional force, fair targets, fair weapons, safe prisoners, no reprisals [Tuckness/Wolf]
Just wars: resist aggression, done on just cause, proportionate, last resort, not futile, legal [Tuckness/Wolf]