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7. Existence / B. Change in Existence / 4. Events / b. Events as primitive

[treating happenings as basic ingredients of existence]

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In 1927, Russell analysed force and matter in terms of events [Russell, by Grayling]
Varied descriptions of an event will explain varied behaviour relating to it [Davidson, by Macdonald,C]
If we don't assume that events exist, we cannot make sense of our common talk [Davidson]
You can't identify events by causes and effects, as the event needs to be known first [Dummett on Davidson]
Events can only be individuated causally [Davidson, by Schaffer,J]
We need events for action statements, causal statements, explanation, mind-and-body, and adverbs [Davidson, by Bourne]
Humeans construct their objects from events, but we construct events from objects [Harré/Madden]
Events are ontologically indispensable for singular causal explanations [Lowe]
Maybe modern physics requires an event-ontology, rather than a thing-ontology [Lowe]
Relativity has an ontology of things and events, not on space-time diagrams [Simons]
Quantum mechanics describes the world entirely as events [Rovelli]