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9. Objects / B. Unity of Objects / 3. Unity Problems / d. Coincident objects

[two objects that ompletely overlap]

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Locke may accept coinciding material substances, such as body, man and person [Locke, by Pasnau]
We can imagine two bodies interpenetrating, as two rays of light seem to [Leibniz]
Objects can only coincide if they are of different kinds; trees can't coincide with other trees [Wiggins, by Sider]
Two entities can coincide as one, but only one of them (the dominant sortal) fixes persistence conditions [Burke,M, by Sider]
The idea of coincident objects is a last resort, as it is opposed to commonsense naturalism [Jubien]
If we combined two clocks, it seems that two clocks may have become one clock. [Forbes,G]
Is it possible for two things that are identical to become two separate things? [Rudder Baker]
Holes, shadows and spots of light can coincide without being identical [Lowe]
The stage view of objects is best for dealing with coincident entities [Sider]
Without extensional mereology two objects can occupy the same position [Simons]