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9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 7. Intermittent Objects

[objects which cease, and then return to existence]

8 ideas
One thing cannot have two beginnings of existence, nor two things one beginning [Locke]
If a ruined church is rebuilt, its relation to its parish makes it the same church [Hume]
Intermittence is seen in a toy fort, which is dismantled then rebuilt with the same bricks [Chisholm, by Simons]
A restored church is the same 'church', but not the same 'building' or 'brickwork' [Wiggins]
A thing begins only once; for a clock, it is when its making is first completed [Wiggins]
When an electron 'leaps' to another orbit, is the new one the same electron? [Inwagen]
Intermittent objects would be respectable if they occurred in nature, as well as in artefacts [Simons]
Objects like chess games, with gaps in them, are thereby less unified [Simons]