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16. Persons / A. Concept of a Person / 1. Existence of Persons

[whether persons exist apart from human beings]

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A person is intelligent, rational, self-aware, continuous, conscious [Locke]
There are no 'individual' persons; we are each the sum of humanity up to this moment [Nietzsche]
Metaphysics requires the idea of people (speakers) located in space and time [Davidson]
'Dead person' isn't a contradiction, so 'person' is somewhat vague [Williams,B]
You can only really love a person as a token, not as a type [Williams,B]
Psychologists are interested in identity as a type of person, but philosophers study numerical identity [Parfit]
Our concept of a person is derived from Roman law [Scruton]
To make sense of personal identity, focus on agency rather than experience [Korsgaard]
Personal identity is a problem across time (diachronic) and at an instant (synchronic) [Lowe]
Persons are selves - subjects of experience, with reflexive self-knowledge [Lowe]
To be considered 'an individual' is performed by a society [Kusch]
Maybe the word 'I' can only refer to persons [Merricks]