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16. Persons / A. Concept of a Person / 1. Existence of Persons

[whether persons really differ from human beings]

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Some cause must unite the separate temporal sections of a person [Descartes]
Locke uses 'self' for a momentary entity, and 'person' for an extended one [Locke, by Martin/Barresi]
A person is intelligent, rational, self-aware, continuous, conscious [Locke]
Metaphysics requires the idea of people (speakers) located in space and time [Davidson]
'Dead person' isn't a contradiction, so 'person' is somewhat vague [Williams,B]
You can only really love a person as a token, not as a type [Williams,B]
Persons must be conscious, reasoning, motivated, communicative, self-aware [Warren, by Tuckness/Wolf]
Persons are conscious, they relate, they think, they feel, and they are self-aware [Glover]
Persons are selves - subjects of experience, with reflexive self-knowledge [Lowe]