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3. Truth / A. Truth Problems / 3. Value of Truth

[why anyone might desire truth]

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Truth has the supreme value, for both gods and men [Plato]
Piety requires us to honour truth above our friends [Aristotle]
Falsehoods corrupt a mind, producing passions and instability [Stoic school, by Diog. Laertius]
For the mind Good is one truth among many, and Truth is one good among many [Aquinas]
Virtue is the distinctive mark of truth, and its greatest product [Montaigne]
Spinoza's life shows that love of truth which he proclaims as the highest value [MacIntyre on Spinoza]
Nothing is so beautiful to the eye as truth is to the mind [Locke]
If man sacrifices truth he sacrifices himself, by acting against his own convictions [Novalis]
What I hold true must also be part of my feelings and character [Hegel]
Truth forges an impersonal unity between people [Feuerbach]
Pure truth is for infinite beings only; I prefer endless striving for truth [Kierkegaard]
One must never ask whether truth is useful [Nietzsche]
Why do we want truth, rather than falsehood or ignorance? The value of truth is a problem [Nietzsche]
Why should truth be omnipotent? It is enough that it is very powerful [Nietzsche]
Truth finds fewest champions not when it is dangerous, but when it is boring [Nietzsche]
Truth was given value by morality, but eventually turned against its own source [Nietzsche]
Antirealism about truth prevents its use as an intersubjective standard [Davidson]
Speak truth only to those who deserve the truth [Sandel]
Careful evasions of truth at least show respect for it [Sandel]
We don't care about plain truth, but truth in joint-carving terms [Sider]