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[general remarks about philosophy]

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Can we understand an individual soul without knowing the soul in general? [Plato]
For relaxation one can consider the world of change, instead of eternal things [Plato]
All philosophy begins from wonder, either at the physical world, or at ideas [Aristotle]
He studied philosophy by suspending his judgement on everything [Pyrrho, by Diog. Laertius]
When shown seven versions of the mowing argument, he paid twice the asking price for them [Zeno of Citium, by Diog. Laertius]
Slow and accurate thought makes the greatest progress [Descartes]
Philosophy must abstract from the senses [Newton]
We must think with our entire body and soul [Joubert]
Philosophy only begins when it studies itself [Novalis]
Philosophy moves essentially in the element of universality [Hegel]
Philosophers can't be religious, and don't need to be; philosophy is perilous but free [Schopenhauer]
Great philosophies are confessions by the author, growing out of moral intentions [Nietzsche]
A warlike philosopher challenges problems to single combat [Nietzsche]
Philosophy begins in the horror and absurdity of existence [Nietzsche, by Ansell Pearson]
Thinking has to be learned in the way dancing has to be learned [Nietzsche]
I don't want to persuade anyone to be a philosopher; they should be rare plants [Nietzsche]
Nietzsche thinks philosophy makes us more profound, but not better [Nietzsche, by Ansell Pearson]
Philosophers must get used to absurdities [Russell]
What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence [Wittgenstein]
A philosopher is outside any community of ideas [Wittgenstein]
If philosophy could be summarised it would be pointless [Adorno]
Thought should be thrown like a stone from a war-machine [Deleuze]
Derrida focuses on other philosophers, rather than on science [Derrida]
If your life is to be meaningful as part of some large thing, the large thing must be meaningful [Nagel]
Philosophy is the childhood of the intellect, and a culture can't skip it [Nagel]
There is no longer anything on which there is nothing to say [Baudrillard]
Philosophers working like teams of scientists is absurd, yet isolation is hard [Cartwright,R]
Philosophy is a priori if it is anything [Bonjour]
Philosophy is in a perpetual state of digression [Deleuze/Guattari]
You have to be a Platonist to debate about reality, so every philosopher is a Platonist [Roochnik]