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19. Language / E. Propositions / 4. Support for Propositions

[reasons for believing in propositions]

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Some concepts for propositions exist only in the mind, and in no language [William of Ockham]
For all the multiplicity of languages, mankind has a common stock of thoughts [Frege]
A thought is the sense expressed by a sentence, and is what we prove [Frege]
You can believe the meaning of a sentence without thinking of the words [Russell]
Several people can believe one thing, or make the same mistake, or share one delusion [Ryle]
If you like judgments and reject propositions, what are the relata of incoherence in a judgment? [Ryle]
We may think in French, but we don't know or believe in French [Ryle]
'Humanity belongs to Socrates' is about humanity, so it's a different proposition from 'Socrates is human' [Davidson]
Sentences are different from propositions, since two sentences can express one proposition [Harman]
We can attribute 'true' and 'false' to whatever it was that was said [Cartwright,R]
We can pull apart assertion from utterance, and the action, the event and the subject-matter for each [Cartwright,R]
To assert that p, it is neither necessary nor sufficient to utter some particular words [Cartwright,R]
The distinction between sentences and abstract propositions is crucial in logic [Devlin]
Propositions are what settle problems of ambiguity in sentences [Sorensen]
If two people believe the same proposition, this implies the existence of propositions [Orenstein]
We need propositions to ascribe the same beliefs to people with different languages [Halbach]