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19. Language / E. Propositions / 3. Types of Proposition

[distinguishing varieties of propositions]

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A proposition expressed in words is a 'word-proposition', and one of images an 'image-proposition' [Russell]
A 'Russellian proposition' is an ordered sequence of individual, properties and relations [Stalnaker]
There are Fregean de dicto propositions, and Russellian de re propositions, or a mixture [Horwich]
Two-dimensional semantics gives a 'primary' and 'secondary' proposition for each statement [Chalmers]
Unstructured propositions are sets of possible worlds; structured ones have components [Mares]
Russellian propositions are better than Fregean thoughts, by being constant through communication [Recanati]
Are there partial propositions, lacking truth value in some possible worlds? [Magidor]