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19. Language / E. Analyticity / 1. Analytic Propositions

[propositions that just seem to be about words]

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Non-subject/predicate tautologies won't fit Kant's definition of analyticity [Shapiro on Kant]
How can bachelor 'contain' unmarried man? Are all analytic truths in subject-predicate form? [Miller,A on Kant]
If the predicate is contained in the subject of a judgement, it is analytic; otherwise synthetic [Kant]
Analytic judgements clarify, by analysing the subject into its component predicates [Kant]
Analytic judgements say clearly what was in the concept of the subject [Kant]
Analytic judgement rests on contradiction, since the predicate cannot be denied of the subject [Kant]
A statement is analytic if substitution of synonyms can make it a logical truth [Frege, by Boghossian]
Frege considered analyticity to be an epistemic concept [Frege, by Shapiro]
'P or not-p' seems to be analytic, but does not fit Kant's account, lacking clear subject or predicate [Frege, by Weiner]
Sentences are 'analytical' if every sequence of objects models them [Tarski]
Analytic statements are either logical truths (all reinterpretations) or they depend on synonymy [Quine]
Analytic judgements can't be explained by contradiction, since that is what is assumed [Rey]
'Married' does not 'contain' its symmetry, nor 'bigger than' its transitivity [Rey]
Analytic statements are undeniable (because of meaning), rather than unrevisable [Rey]
The meaning properties of a term are those which explain how the term is typically used [Rey]
An intrinsic language faculty may fix what is meaningful (as well as grammatical) [Rey]
Research throws doubts on the claimed intuitions which support analyticity [Rey]
'Bachelor' consists in or reduces to 'unmarried' male, but not the other way around [Rosen]
Analyticity is revealed through redundancy, as in 'He bought a house and a building' [Thomasson]
'Analytic' can be conceptual, or by meaning, or predicate inclusion, or definition... [Jenkins]