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[analysis concentrating on contents and source of concepts]

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If we suspect that a philosophical term is meaningless, we should ask what impression it derives from [Hume]
Our reason mostly analyses concepts we already have of objects [Kant]
Analysis is becoming self-conscious about our concepts [Kant]
Analysis of our concepts is merely a preparation for proper a priori metaphysics [Kant]
Never lose sight of the distinction between concept and object [Frege]
Philosophers should create and fight for their concepts, not just clean and clarify them [Nietzsche]
To explain a concept, we need its purpose, not just its rules of usage [Dummett]
Analysis aims at internal relationships, not reduction [Shoemaker]
Analyses of concepts using entirely different terms are very inclined to fail [Kripke]
Conceptual analysis studies whether one story is made true by another story [Jackson]
Intuitions about possibilities are basic to conceptual analysis [Jackson]
Conceptual analysis is needed to establish that metaphysical reductions respect original meanings [Jackson, by Schroeter]
Analysis of concepts based neither on formalism nor psychology can arise from examining what we know [Harré/Madden]
You cannot demand an analysis of a concept without knowing the purpose of the analysis [Lehrer]
We learn a concept's relations by using it, without reducing it to anything [Wiggins]
In addition to analysis of a concept, one can deny it, or accept it as primitive [Lewis]
It seems likely that analysis of concepts is impossible, but justification can survive without it [Fodor]
If an analysis shows the features of a concept, it doesn't seem to 'reduce' the concept [Jubien]
My account shows how the concept works, rather than giving an analysis [Fine,K]
We can't presume that all interesting concepts can be analysed [Williamson]
Conceptual analysts trust particular intuitions much more than general ones [Sider]
Why think that conceptual analysis reveals reality, rather than just how people think? [Ladyman/Ross]
Examining concepts can recover information obtained through the senses [Jenkins]
If 2-D conceivability can a priori show possibilities, this is a defence of conceptual analysis [Vaidya]