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27. Natural Reality / C. Space-Time / 3. Space-Time

[relative space and time, treated as one system]

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Space and time are the order of all possibilities, and don't just relate to what is actual [Leibniz]
Space and time are purely relative [Leibniz]
If space and time exist absolutely, we must assume the existence of two pointless non-entities [Kant]
If all empirical sensation of bodies is removed, space and time are still left [Kant]
Space alone, and time alone, will fade away, and only their union has an independent reality [Minkowski]
Mathematicians don't distinguish between instants of time and points on a line [Russell]
Space-time arises from the connection between measurements of space and of time [Einstein, by Farmelo]
We can't think of space-time as empty and propertyless, and it seems to be a substratum [Martin,CB]
Relativity is as absolutist about space-time as Newton was about space [Coffa]
Space-time is indeterminate foam over short distances [Close]
Time, as it appears in standard modern science, is bad verificationist metaphysics [Smith,Q, by Le Poidevin]
Space is 3D and lacks a direction; time seems connected to causation [Sider]
Modern metaphysicians tend to think space-time points are more fundamental than space-time regions [Hawthorne]
The relational view of space-time doesn't cover times and places where things could be [Bird]
Spacetime may well be emergent, rather than basic [Ladyman/Ross]
If spacetime is substantial, what is the substance? [Ladyman/Ross]
Relativity makes time and space jointly basic; quantum theory splits them, and prioritises time [New Sci.]
Space-time may be a geometrical manifestation of quantum entanglement [New Sci.]
Einstein's merging of time with space has left us confused about the nature of time [New Sci.]