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10. Modality / E. Possible worlds / 1. Possible Worlds / b. Impossible worlds

[possible worlds which contain contradictions]

8 ideas
On mountains or in worlds, reporting contradictions is contradictory, so no such truths can be reported [Lewis]
Possible worlds can contain contradictions if such worlds are seen as fictions [Lewis]
If 'possible' is explained as quantification across worlds, there must be possible worlds [McGinn]
Impossible worlds are also ways for things to be [Salmon,N]
Denial of impossible worlds involves two different confusions [Salmon,N]
Without impossible worlds, how things might have been is the only way for things to be [Salmon,N]
Belief in impossible worlds may require dialetheism [Schaffer,J]
Epistemic logic introduced impossible worlds [Horsten/Pettigrew]