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19. Language / C. Assigning Meanings / 7. Extensional Semantics

[giving meaning by specifying which objects the meaning includes]

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Clearly predicates have extensions (applicable objects), but are the extensions part of their meaning? [McGinn]
Equilateral and equiangular aren't the same, as we have to prove their connection [Shalkowski]
Extensionalist semantics is circular, as we must know the extension before assessing 'Fa' [Jacquette]
Extensionalist semantics forbids reference to nonexistent objects [Jacquette]
Referential semantics (unlike Fregeanism) allows objects themselves in to semantic requirements [Fine,K]
Truth-conditional referential semantics is externalist, referring to worldly items [Williamson]
Simple semantics assigns extensions to names and to predicates [Schroeter]
'Federer' and 'best tennis player' can't mean the same, despite having the same extension [Schroeter]