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27. Natural Reality / C. Space-Time / 2. Time / b. Tensed (A) time

[A-series, with the present as a distinctive moment]

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The Hopi have no concept of time as something flowing from past to future [Whorf]
The past, present, future and tenses of A-theory are too weird, and should be analysed indexically [Smart]
If time flows, then 'how fast does it flow?' is a tricky question [Smart]
Tense is essential for thought and action [Perry, by Le Poidevin]
It is claimed that the tense view entails the unreality of both future and past [Le Poidevin]
We share a common now, but not a common here [Le Poidevin]
A-theorists tend to reject the tensed/tenseless distinction [Fine,K]
It is said that in the A-theory, all existents and objects must be tensed, as well as the sentences [Fine,K]
Tensed theorists typically try to reduce the tenseless to the tensed [Le Poidevin]
Talk using tenses can be eliminated, by reducing it to indexical connections for an utterance [Sider]
I believe the passing of time is a fundamental fact about the world [Maudlin]
There is one ordered B series, but an infinitude of A series, depending on when the present is [Maudlin]
A-theorists, unlike B-theorists, believe some sort of objective distinction between past, present and future [Zimmerman,DW]
Time flows, past is fixed, future is open, future is feared but not past, we remember past, we plan future [Bourne]