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27. Natural Reality / D. Time / 1. Nature of Time / f. Growing block

[past and present exist, but the future does not]

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Things may be necessary once they occur, but not be unconditionally necessary [Aristotle]
How can ten days ahead be a short time, if it doesn't exist? [Augustine]
The present and past exist, but the future does not [Broad, by Dummett]
We could say present and past exist, but not future, so that each event adds to the total history [Broad]
It is quite implausible that the future is unreal, as that would terminate everything [Lewis]
If the future is not real, we don't seem to have any obligation to future individuals [Le Poidevin]
Between presentism and eternalism is the 'growing block' view - the past is real, the future is not [Sider]
Growing block has a subjective present and a growing edge - but these could come apart [Merricks, by PG]
Neither 'moving spotlight' nor 'growing block' views explain why we care what is present or past [Zimmerman,DW]
No-Futurists believe in past and present, but not future, and say the world grows as facts increase [Bourne]
How can we know this is the present moment, if other times are real? [Baron/Miller]
If we are actually in the past then we shouldn't experience time passing [Baron/Miller]