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[general ideas about facts]

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Facts are hard unmoved things, unaffected by what people may think of them [Peirce]
As propositions can be put in subject-predicate form, we wrongly infer that facts have substance-quality form [Russell]
Facts are everything, except simples; they are either relations or qualities [Russell]
You can't name all the facts, so they are not real, but are what propositions assert [Russell]
A fact is simply what it is rational to accept [Putnam]
We normally explain natural events by citing further facts [McFetridge]
Events are picked out by descriptions, and facts by whole sentences [Crane]
Facts, such as redness and roundness of a ball, can be 'fused' into one fact [Fine,K]
Are facts wholly abstract, or can they contain some concrete constituents? [Lowe]
Facts cannot be wholly abstract if they enter into causal relations [Lowe]
The problem with the structured complex view of facts is what binds the constituents [Lowe]
It is whimsical to try to count facts - how many facts did I learn before breakfast? [Lowe]
If 'fact' is a noun, can we name the fact that dogs bark 'Mary'? [Williamson]
Facts are structures of worldly items, rather like sentences, individuated by their ingredients [Rosen]
What counts as a fact partly depends on the availability of human concepts to describe them [O'Grady]
Maybe names and predicates can capture any fact [Melia]
No sort of plain language or levels of logic can express modal facts properly [Melia]
There are probably ineffable facts, systematically hidden from us [Hofweber]
Facts are not in the world - they are properties of the world [Engelbretsen]
The identity of two facts may depend on how 'fine-grained' we think facts are [Correia/Schnieder]