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26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 11. Against Laws of Nature

[rejection of the very idea that there are 'laws' of nature]

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The more precise the observations, the less reliable appear to be the laws of nature [Peirce]
Modern man wants laws of nature in order to submit to them [Nietzsche]
The aim of science is just to create a comprehensive, elegant language to describe brute facts [Poincaré, by Harré]
The laws of motion and gravitation are just parts of the definition of a kind of matter [Russell]
We can't know that our laws are exceptionless, or even that there are any laws [Russell]
Laws of nature are an aspect of the phenomena, and are just our mode of description [Wittgenstein]
The idea of laws of nature arose in the Middle Ages [Hall,AR, by Ellis]
We could call any generalisation a law, if it had reasonable support and no counter-evidence [Harré/Madden]
The world is just a vast mosaic of little matters of local particular fact [Lewis]
To get from facts to equations, we need a prepared descriptions suited to mathematics [Cartwright,N]
There are few laws for when one theory meets another [Cartwright,N]
Simple laws have quite different outcomes when they act in combinations [Cartwright,N]
The laws of nature depend on the powers, not the other way round [Molnar]
Laws of nature have very little application in biology [Machamer/Darden/Craver]
You only need laws if you (erroneously) think the world is otherwise inert [Mumford]
There are no laws of nature in Aristotle; they became standard with Descartes and Newton [Mumford]
The Central Dilemma is how to explain an internal or external view of laws which govern [Mumford]
The notion of law doesn't seem to enhance physical theories [Sider]
Many of the key theories of modern physics do not appear to be 'laws' [Sider]
There are apparently no scientific laws concerning biological species [Koslicki]
A 'law of nature' is just a regularity, not some entity that causes the regularity [Leuridan]
Laws are nothing more than descriptions of the behaviour of powers [Mumford/Anjum]
If laws are equations, cause and effect must be simultaneous (or the law would be falsified)! [Mumford/Anjum]