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2. Reason / D. Definition / 2. Aims of Definition

[what a definition is trying to achieve]

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To reveal a nature, divide down, and strip away what it has in common with other things [Plato]
No one wants to define 'weaving' just for the sake of weaving [Plato]
Definitions of things that are caused must express their manner of generation [Hobbes]
All the intrinsic properties of a thing should be deducible from its definition [Spinoza]
Definitions exhibit the exhaustive concept of a thing within its boundaries [Kant]
A simplification which is complete constitutes a definition [Kant]
Later Frege held that definitions must fix a function's value for every possible argument [Frege, by Wright,C]
A definition need not capture the sense of an expression - just get the reference right [Frege, by Dummett]
A correct definition is what can be substituted without loss of meaning [Ducasse]
Some definitions aim to fix a reference rather than give a meaning [Kripke]
Defining terms either enables elimination, or shows that they don't require elimination [Lewis]
A definition needs to apply to the same object across possible worlds [Gupta]
The 'revision theory' says that definitions are rules for improving output [Gupta]
Definitions make our intuitions mathematically useful [Mayberry]
Precision is only one of the virtues of a good definition [Zagzebski]
Definitions concern how we should speak, not how things are [Fine,K]
Definitions should be replaceable by primitives, and should not be creative [Brown,JR]
A definition should allow the defined term to be eliminated [Horsten]
An explicit definition enables the elimination of what is defined [Halbach]