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1. Philosophy / E. Nature of Metaphysics / 5. Metaphysics beyond Science

[metaphysics as transcending natural science]

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Physics studies transitory matter; metaphysics what is abstracted and necessary [Bacon]
Physics is of material and efficient causes, metaphysics of formal and final causes [Bacon]
Metaphysics is geometrical, resting on non-contradiction and sufficient reason [Leibniz]
We can grasp the wisdom of God a priori [Leibniz]
Kant showed that theoretical reason cannot give answers to speculative metaphysics [Kant, by Korsgaard]
A priori metaphysics is fond of basic unchanging entities like God, the soul, Forms, atoms… [Kant, by Fogelin]
A dove cutting through the air, might think it could fly better in airless space (which Plato attempted) [Kant]
Metaphysics goes beyond the empirical, so doesn't need examples [Kant]
Metaphysics is just a priori universal principles of physics [Kant]
Metaphysics studies the inexplicable ends of explanation [Schopenhauer]
Metaphysics is the science of both experience, and its general laws and types [Peirce]
Claims about 'the Absolute' are not even verifiable in principle [Ayer on Bradley]
Some say metaphysics is a highly generalised empirical study of objects [Tarski]
All metaphysical discussion should be guided by a quest for truthmakers [Armstrong]
Philosophy is a magnificent failure in its attempt to overstep the limits of our knowledge [McGinn]
Realist metaphysics concerns what is real; naive metaphysics concerns natures of things [Fine,K]
Only metaphysics can decide whether identity survives through change [Lowe]
Metaphysics tells us what there could be, rather than what there is [Lowe]
Esoteric metaphysics aims to be top science, investigating ultimate reality [Hofweber]
Metaphysics can criticise interpretations of science theories, and give good feedback [Ingthorsson]