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7. Existence / C. Structure of Existence / 5. Supervenience / d. Humean supervenience

[everything supervenes on some simple base]

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We don't recognise patterns - we invent them [Goodman]
Humean supervenience says the world is just a vast mosaic of qualities in space-time [Lewis]
A homogeneous rotating disc should be undetectable according to Humean supervenience [Hawley]
The Humean view is wrong; laws and direction of time are primitive, and atoms are decided by physics [Maudlin]
Lewis says it supervenes on the Mosaic, but actually thinks the Mosaic is all there is [Maudlin]
If the Humean Mosaic is ontological bedrock, there can be no explanation of its structure [Maudlin]
The 'spinning disc' is just impossible, because there cannot be 'homogeneous matter' [Maudlin]
The Humean supervenience base entirely excludes modality [Vetter]