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9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 6. Successive Things

[things which need time in order to exist]

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A day, or the games, has one thing after another, actually and potentially occurring [Aristotle]
Successive things reduce to permanent things [Bonaventura]
Days exist, and yet they seem to be made up of parts which don't exist [Burley]
Unlike permanent things, successive things cannot exist all at once [Burley]
Successive entities are in flux, flowing in existence, with different parts at different times [Oresme]
God could make a successive thing so that previous parts cease to exist [Albert of Saxony]
Successive entities just need parts to succeed one another, without their existence [Albert of Saxony]
To be successive a thing needs parts, which must therefore be lodged outside that instant [Wycliff]
In order to speak about time and successive entities, the 'present' must be enlarged [Wycliff]
Typical successive things are time and motion [Pasnau]