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19. Language / F. Communication / 1. Rhetoric

[use of language for emotional influence]

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Truth is not beautiful; beautiful speech is not truthful [Lao Tzu]
People who control others with fluent language often end up being hated [Confucius]
Destroy seriousness with laughter, and laughter with seriousness [Gorgias]
Gorgias says rhetoric is the best of arts, because it enslaves without using force [Gorgias ,by Plato]
Rhetoric can produce conviction, but not educate people about right and wrong [Plato]
Rhetoric is irrational about its means and its ends [Plato]
An excellent speech seems to imply a knowledge of the truth in the mind of the speaker [Plato]
Only a good philosopher can be a good speaker [Plato]
'Phaedrus' pioneers the notion of philosophical rhetoric [Lawson-Tancred on Plato]
The 'Republic' is a great work of rhetorical theory [Lawson-Tancred on Plato]
The question of whether or not to persuade comes before the science of persuasion [Plato]
Plato's whole philosophy may be based on being duped by reification - a figure of speech [Benardete,JA on Plato]
Rhetoric is a political offshoot of dialectic and ethics [Aristotle]
We only want to know things so that we can talk about them [Pascal]
It is essential that wise people learn to express their wisdom, possibly even as foolishness [Nietzsche]
Reasoning aims not at the understanding of objects, but at the desire to give beautiful speeches [Roochnik]
If relativism is the correct account of human values, then rhetoric is more important than reasoning [Roochnik]
Often socialising people is the only way to persuade them [Kusch]