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5. Theory of Logic / E. Structures of Logic / 2. Logical Connectives / e. or

[role of 'or' in systems of logic]

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Epicureans say disjunctions can be true whiile the disjuncts are not true [Epicurus, by Cicero]
'Or' expresses hesitation, in a dog at a crossroads, or birds risking grabbing crumbs [Russell]
'Or' expresses a mental state, not something about the world [Russell]
Disjunction may also arise in practice if there is imperfect memory. [Russell]
Maybe the 'or' used to describe mental states is not the 'or' of logic [Russell]
A disjunction expresses indecision [Russell]
In 'S was F or some other than S was F', the disjuncts need S, but the whole disjunction doesn't [Stalnaker]
Asserting a disjunction from one disjunct seems odd, but can be sensible, and needed in maths [Burgess]