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14. Science / D. Explanation / 3. Best Explanation / c. Against best explanation

[rejection of the possibility of 'best' explanations]

11 ideas
We should accept as explanations all the plausible ways in which something could come about [Epicurus]
Inference to best explanation contains all sorts of hidden values [Fraassen]
Why should the true explanation be one of the few we have actually thought of? [Fraassen, by Bird]
In science, best explanations have regularly turned out to be false [Cartwright,N]
Must we only have one explanation, and must all the data be made relevant? [Lipton]
Bayesians say best explanations build up an incoherent overall position [Lipton]
The best theory is boring: compare 'all planets move elliptically' with 'most of them do' [Lipton]
Best explanation can't be a guide to truth, because the truth must precede explanation [Lipton]
The success and virtue of an explanation do not guarantee its truth [Segal]
Which explanation is 'best' is bound to be subjective, and no guide to truth [Bird]
Maybe bad explanations are the true ones, in this messy world [Bird]