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10. Modality / E. Possible worlds / 3. Transworld Objects / e. Possible Objects

[whether non-actual objects might possibly exist]

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A thing is contingent if nothing in its essence determines whether or nor it exists [Spinoza]
If non-existents are possible, their existence would replace what now exists, which cannot therefore be necessary [Leibniz]
That there might have been unicorns is false; we don't know the circumstances for unicorns [Kripke]
A merely possible object clearly isn't there, so that is a defective notion [Inwagen]
Merely possible objects must be consistent properties, or haecceities [Inwagen]
If talking donkeys are possible, something exists which could be a talking donkey [Williamson, by Cameron]
Our ability to count objects across possibilities favours the Barcan formulas [Williamson]
Barcan Formula problem: there might have been a ghost, despite nothing existing which could be a ghost [Sider]
Are there possible objects which nothing has ever had the potentiality to produce? [Vetter]