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26. Natural Theory / B. Natural Kinds / 4. Source of Kinds

[what underlies the divisions of natural kinds]

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Logos is the source of everything, and my theories separate and explain each nature [Heraclitus]
If we observe total regularity, there must be some unknown law and relationships controlling it [Locke]
The hidden structure of a natural kind determines membership in all possible worlds [Putnam]
Natural kind structures go right down to the bottom level [Ellis]
Essentialism says natural kinds are fundamental to nature, and determine the laws [Ellis]
Natural kinds are distinguished by resting on essences [Ellis]
Properties cluster together, either because of intrinsic relations, or because of an underlying process [Boyd, by Chakravartty]
The properties of an electron can't be explained just as 'clustering' [Chakravartty on Boyd]
Natural kinds, such as electrons, all behave the same way because we divide them by dispositions [Mumford]
There is nothing more to a natural kind than a real pattern in nature [Ladyman/Ross]
Some kinds, such as electrons, have essences, but 'cluster kinds' do not [Chakravartty]
Concepts for species are either intrinsic structure, or relations like breeding or ancestry [Koslicki]
Kinds are fixed by the essential properties of things - the properties that make it that kind of thing [Eagle]