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7. Existence / C. Structure of Existence / 1. Grounding / c. Grounding and explanation

[how grounding relates to explanations]

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Aristotle's formal and material 'becauses' [aitiai] arguably involve grounding [Aristotle, by Correia/Schnieder]
Philosophical proofs in mathematics establish truths, and also show their grounds [Bolzano, by Correia/Schnieder]
Maybe bottom-up grounding shows constitution, and top-down grounding shows essence [Fine,K]
Philosophical explanation is largely by ground (just as cause is used in science) [Fine,K]
Only metaphysical grounding must be explained by essence [Fine,K]
We can learn about the world by studying the grounding of our concepts [Jenkins]
We must accept grounding, for our important explanations [Audi,P]
Grounding is metaphysical and explanation epistemic, so keep them apart [Correia/Schnieder]