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25. Social Practice / F. Life Issues / 5. Sexual Morality

[social issues concerning sexual relationships]

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A lover using force is a villain, but a seducer is much worse, because he corrupts character [Socrates, by Xenophon]
While sex is very pleasant, it should be in secret, as it looks contemptible [Plato]
Animals have not been led into homosexuality, because they value pleasure very little [Plutarch]
Lust involves pleasure, and also the sense of power in pleasing others [Hobbes]
Would humanity still exist if sex wasn't both desired and pleasurable? [Schopenhauer]
Man and woman are deeply strange to one another! [Nietzsche]
We all need sexual secrets! [Cioran]
Why do sexual relationships need permanence, if other relationships don't? [Punzo]
Does engaging in sexual intercourse really need no more thought than playing tennis? [Punzo]
Rape of children is dreadful, but no one thinks children should have a right of consent [Foa]
A rape disregards the status of being a person - but so does all assault [Foa]
If men should lust and women shouldn't, that makes rape the prevalent sexual model [Foa]
Prostitution is wrong because it hardens the soul, since soul and body are one [Scruton]