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9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 5. Individuation / c. Individuation by location

[picking out by location in spacetime]

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Bodies are independent of thought, and coincide with part of space [Hobbes]
If you separated two things in the same place, you would also separate the places [Hobbes]
If you separate the two places of one thing, you will also separate the thing [Hobbes]
A thing is individuated just by existing at a time and place [Locke]
Obviously two bodies cannot be in the same place [Locke]
A body is that which exists in space [Leibniz]
We use things to distinguish places and times, not vice versa [Leibniz]
Objects only exist if they 'occupy' space and time [Russell]
Singling out extends back and forward in time [Wiggins]
Times and places are identified by objects, so cannot be used in a theory of object-identity [Loux]
Diversity of two tigers is their difference in space-time; difference of matter is a consequence [Lowe]
A 'thing' cannot be in two places at once, and two things cannot be in the same place at once [Macdonald,C]