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9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 5. Individuation / b. Individuation by properties

[picking out by a unique set of properties]

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Bodies are combinations of shape, size, resistance and weight [Epicurus]
If two individuals could be indistinguishable, there could be no principle of individuation [Leibniz]
The law of the series, which determines future states of a substance, is what individuates it [Leibniz]
Two things can only be distinguished by a distinct property or a distinct relation [Black]
It is likely that particulars can be individuated by unique conjunctions of properties [Armstrong]
An individual is a union of a group of qualities and a position [Quinton, by Campbell,K]
Kripke individuates objects by essential modal properties (and presupposes essentialism) [Kripke, by Putnam]
Total intrinsic properties give us what a thing is [Lewis]
Criteria of identity cannot individuate objects, because they are shared among different types [Lowe]
Scholastics thought Quantity could be the principle of individuation [Pasnau]
If you reject essences, questions of individuation become extremely difficult [Pasnau]