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2. Reason / F. Fallacies / 8. Category Mistake / c. Category mistake as semantic

[category mistakes as result of confusions of meaning]

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Chomsky established the view that category mistakes are well-formed but meaningless [Chomsky, by Magidor]
The normal compositional view makes category mistakes meaningful [Magidor]
Two good sentences should combine to make a good sentence, but that might be absurd [Magidor]
If a category mistake is synonymous across two languages, that implies it is meaningful [Magidor]
Category mistakes are meaningful, because metaphors are meaningful category mistakes [Magidor]
A good explanation of why category mistakes sound wrong is that they are meaningless [Magidor]
If a category mistake has unimaginable truth-conditions, then it seems to be meaningless [Magidor]
Category mistakes are neither verifiable nor analytic, so verificationism says they are meaningless [Magidor]
Category mistakes play no role in mental life, so conceptual role semantics makes them meaningless [Magidor]
Maybe when you say 'two is green', the predicate somehow fails to apply? [Magidor]
If category mistakes aren't syntax failure or meaningless, maybe they just lack a truth-value? [Magidor]