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22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / b. Valuing life

[how and why we might value life itself]

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Human beings are not majestic, either through divine origins, or through grand aims [Nietzsche]
In every age the wisest people have judged life to be worthless [Nietzsche]
A philosopher fails in wisdom if he thinks the value of life is a problem [Nietzsche]
Value judgements about life can never be true [Nietzsche]
The value of life cannot be estimated [Nietzsche]
To evaluate life one must know it, but also be situated outside of it [Nietzsche]
When we establish values, that is life itself establishing them, through us [Nietzsche]
The sanctity of a human life depends either on being of our species, or on being a person [Singer]
What matters is not intrinsic value of life or rights, but worthwhile and desired life, and avoidance of pain [Glover]