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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 11. Truthmaking and Correspondence

[relation of truth-making to the correspondence theory of truth]

11 ideas
All truths have truth-makers, but only atomic truths correspond to them [Wittgenstein, by Rami]
Truthmaker is correspondence, but without the requirement to be one-to-one [Lewis]
Correspondence is symmetric, while truth-making is taken to be asymmetric [David]
Correspondence is an over-ambitious attempt to explain truth-making [David]
Correspondence theorists see facts as the only truth-makers [David]
Truthmaker isn't the correspondence theory, because it offers no analysis of truth [Merricks]
The vagueness of truthmaker claims makes it easier to run anti-realist arguments [Button]
Maybe truthmaking and correspondence stand together, and are interdefinable [Cameron]
I support the correspondence theory because I believe in truthmakers [Cameron]
Truth-making is usually internalist, but the correspondence theory is externalist [Rami]
Unlike correspondence, truthmaking can be one truth to many truthmakers, or vice versa [Jacobs]