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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 6. Making Negative Truths

[how negative truths can have truthmakers]

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It seems that when a proposition is false, something must fail to subsist [Russell]
Negative existentials have 'totality facts' as truthmakers [Armstrong, by Lewis]
Negative truths have as truthmakers all states of affairs relevant to the truth [Armstrong]
The nature of arctic animals is truthmaker for the absence of penguins there [Armstrong]
If it were true that nothing at all existed, would that have a truthmaker? [Lewis]
If nothing exists, no truthmakers could make 'Nothing exists' true [Sorensen]
It is implausible that claims about non-existence are about existing things [Merricks]
There are different types of truthmakers for different types of negative truth [MacBride]
There aren't enough positive states out there to support all the negative truths [MacBride]
Without truthmakers, negative truths must be ungrounded [Cameron]