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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 1. For Truthmakers

[supporting the idea that all truths have truthmakers]

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Truth-thinking does not make it so; it being so is what makes it true [Aristotle]
The truth or falsehood of a belief depends upon a fact to which the belief 'refers' [Russell]
We want to know what makes sentences true, rather than defining 'true' [McFetridge]
Philosophers of the past took the truthmaking idea for granted [Heil]
Truth and falsehood must track what does or doesn't exist [Bigelow]
Phenomenalists, behaviourists and presentists can't supply credible truth-makers [MacBride]
There are five problems which the truth-maker theory might solve [Rami]
The truth-maker idea is usually justified by its explanatory power, or intuitive appeal [Rami]