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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 3. Truthmaker Maximalism

[there cannot be a truth which doesn't have a truthmaker]

9 ideas
Truths need not always have their source in what exists [Fine,K]
Not all truths need truthmakers - mathematics and logic seem to be just true [Heil]
'Maximalism' says every truth has an actual truthmaker [MacBride]
Maximalism follows Russell, and optimalism (no negative or universal truthmakers) follows Wittgenstein [MacBride]
Surely if some propositions are grounded in existence, they all are? [Cameron]
If maximalism is necessary, then that nothing exists has a truthmaker, which it can't have [Cameron]
The truth-maker principle is that every truth has a sufficient truth-maker [Forrest]
Central idea: truths need truthmakers; and possibly all truths have them, and makers entail truths [Rami]
Maybe only 'positive' truths need truth-makers [Tallant]