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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 4. Truthmaker Necessitarianism

[makers that ground truths also force them to be true]

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Truth-making can't be entailment, because truthmakers are portions of reality [Armstrong]
Armstrong says truthmakers necessitate their truth, where 'necessitate' is a primitive relation [Armstrong, by MacBride]
Something can only have a place in a preferred account of things if it is entailed by the account [Jackson]
God might necessitate that something happen, but He is not the truth-maker for it [Smith,B]
The view that truth making is entailment is misguided and misleading [Heil]
It is assumed that a proposition is necessarily true if its truth-maker exists [David]
Give up objects necessitating truths, and say their natures cause the truths? [Cameron]
Orthodox Truthmaker applies to all propositions, and necessitates their truth [Cameron]
God fixes all the truths of the world by fixing what exists [Cameron]
Determinate truths don't need extra truthmakers, just truthmakers that are themselves determinate [Cameron]
Most theorists say that truth-makers necessitate their truths [Rami]