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1. Philosophy / D. Nature of Philosophy / 5. Aims of Philosophy / d. Philosophy as puzzles

[philosophy deals with a set of basic puzzles]

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Translate as 'humans all desire by nature to understand' (not as 'to know') [Aristotle, by Annas]
Inquiry is the cause of philosophy [Aristotle]
Philosophers feed on problems, hoping they are digestible, and spiced with paradox [Novalis]
I conceived it my task to create difficulties everywhere [Kierkegaard]
In philosophy the truth can only be reached via the ruins of the false [Prichard]
Perhaps the aim of philosophy is to abolish sham problems [Heidegger]
Philosophy tries to be rid of certain intellectual puzzles, irrelevant to daily life [Wittgenstein]
Philosophers are marked by a joint love of evidence and ambiguity [Merleau-Ponty]
The problems are the monuments of philosophy [Hart,WD]
Philosophy begins in disappointment, notably in religion and politics [Critchley]
Philosophy tries to explain how the actual is possible, given that it seems impossible [Macdonald,C]