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3. Truth / A. Truth Problems / 9. Rejecting Truth

[denial of either meaning or content to the concept of truth]

11 ideas
If the existence of truth is denied, the 'Truth does not exist' must be true! [Aquinas]
The truth is what gives us the minimum of spiritual effort, and avoids the exhaustion of lying [Nietzsche]
Truth is just a name for verification-processes [James]
Heidegger says truth is historical, and never absolute [Heidegger, by Polt]
Truth is just an error insufficiently experienced [Cioran]
Eventually every 'truth' is guaranteed by the police [Cioran]
Truth doesn't arise from solitary freedom, but from societies with constraints [Foucault]
Derrida says that all truth-talk is merely metaphor [Derrida, by Engel]
True thoughts are inaccessible, in the subconscious, prior to speech or writing [Derrida]
Rorty seems to view truth as simply being able to hold one's view against all comers [Rorty, by O'Grady]
In the early 1930s many philosophers thought truth was not scientific [Field,H]