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19. Language / F. Communication / 3. Denial

[stating something while rejecting its truth]

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Contradiction is impossible, since only one side of the argument refers to the true facts [Prodicus, by Didymus the Blind]
It doesn't have to be the case that in opposed views one is true and the other false [Aristotle]
Negation takes something away from something [Aristotle]
If we define 'this is not blue' as disbelief in 'this is blue', we eliminate 'not' as an ingredient of facts [Russell]
If one proposition negates the other, which is the negative one? [Harman]
We must either assert or deny any single predicate of any single subject [Badiou]
Not-A is too strong to just erase an improper assertion, because it actually reverses A [Yablo]
Negating a predicate term and denying its unnegated version are quite different [Engelbretsen]
We learn 'not' along with affirmation, by learning to either affirm or deny a sentence [Rumfitt]
The truth grounds for 'not A' are the possibilities incompatible with truth grounds for A [Rumfitt]