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7. Existence / C. Structure of Existence / 5. Supervenience / b. Types of supervenience

[distinguishing different forms of supervenience]

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Users of 'supervenience' blur its causal and constitutive meanings [Searle]
Mereological supervenience says wholes are fixed by parts [Kim]
Where pixels make up a picture, supervenience is reduction [Lewis]
'Superdupervenience' is supervenience that has a robustly materialistic explanation [Horgan,T]
'Global' supervenience is facts tracking varying physical facts in every possible world [Horgan,T]
Logical supervenience is when one set of properties must be accompanied by another set [Chalmers]
Natural supervenience is when one set of properties is always accompanied by another set [Chalmers]
Supervenience can add covariation, upward dependence, and nomological connection [Hanna]
Weak supervenience is in one world, strong supervenience in all possible worlds [Bennett,K]